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What Lies Beneath

Caveat Emptor - Let the buyer beware

Before                                                                                   After

If you bought a block in Ashley Road Ashby, you needed to know that this matter was referred back to City of Wanneroo Administration on two occasions resulting in the rezoning application being dealt with on appeal to the State Administration Tribunal.  As a result, there were many issues that never got debated publicly in Council and were probably not discovered to the Tribunal.  The Councillor who had this matter deferred on two occasions was aware of these issues but I was gagged and not given the opportunity to speak on it.  This is where lack of local knowledge leads to consequences that cause headaches for Council and for property owners in future.  Let's hope and pray that this site was cleaned up before it was sold.


17th August 2010 - Subsequently to this, the developer asked that the land be changed back to Community purpose land but Council was assured that the site would be cleaned up before filling then they voted to approve it.

Now who checked that the site was cleared??????  The answer is nobody checked it!  They claim they asked a neighbour after the fill was completed.  No testing has taken place to confirm that claim.


A picture is worth a thousand words or in this case 7,000.  Would you like to have this under your house?

Concrete, timber, turf, grass cuttings and prunings, household and building rubbish, wood chips, tree stumps, road base and blue metal and old tyres and all neatly covered with topsoil.  I have been waiting since 2004 for the developer to clean up his site.

Incidentally, I witnessed the same property developer dumping some of the 20 semi trailer loads of fill on a road verge in Hollosy Way after roadworks in Pissaro Crescent and admitted it to Council and said they would remove it but never did.  Subsequently, another 70 truckloads of soil and rubble were dumped on the same verge.  90 truckloads of fill and rubbish dumped on Hollosy Way, Ashby have now been levelled across the adjacent site at the owner's expense.

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