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Your missives haven’t improved and neither have your recollections of the events. You completely managed to fail to recognize one other person who was there right through to the end of the function.


 What has got you so hot and bothered ? Neither the other councillors, nor our friends from the seniors group (many I am sure were pleased to finally meet you – after 10yrs) can quite understand how you have this so wrong.


Remember Alan, breath in –breath out –breath in – breath out…………..


I rather think we should check the catering as it seems it could be the “hot cross buns” that both yourself and Cr Grierson consumed and must have “off” –(note  for self)  best get one of those complaints off to Tip Top Bakery right away – no better still, I think one of the buns was trying to defame me  - best get the legal team onto it!!


Joke of the day Alan – Why have elephants got big ears??????? Because Noddy wouldn’t pay the ransom!


Lighten up !


…….Oh and by the way……I would trust the independent source over your claims any day.


Sure you didn’t mention being a qualified museum curator as well?








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