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"The Recorder" freeware setup file 9MB


These documents are Public Domain.  Briefings, Agendas and Minutes are available on the City of Wanneroo Website and recordings of meetings can be purchased on CD from the City of Wanneroo offices at a small charge.


GILBRIDE and CITY OF WANNEROO [2009] WASAT 227 Liquor Store Permitted.



Minutes 25th August 2009, UB01-08/09, who said what about who. 7MB Complaint to LGSP pending.

Recording of Meeting 57MB


Minutes 30th June2009, motion to make safe U turn facility in Alexander Drive Defeated. 8MB Complaint to LGSP pending.

Recording of Meeting 26MB


Drover's Place Shops CHISHOLM HOLDINGS PTY LTD and CITY OF WANNEROO [2008] WASAT 250 listed for 7-11-08 (no further action)


Kingsway Shopping Centre TAH LAND PTY LTD and WESTERN AUSTRALIAN PLANNING COMMISSION [2008] WASAT 227 size increase refused


WANNEROO NORTH PTY LTD and CITY OF WANNEROO [2008] WASAT 206 referred back twice by Cr Monks - deemed refused

SMITH and CITY OF WANNEROO [2008] WASAT 182 permission for late application dismissed


Special Council (Budget) Meeting 25th July 2008 recording of meeting 26MB

BGC CONSTRUCTION PTY LTD and CITY OF WANNEROO [2006] WASAT 290 concrete house pad too thin but not unsafe


FARMER and CITY OF WANNEROO [2006] WASAT 170 Child Care Parking Bays increased to 16

BASSO-BRUSA and CITY OF WANNEROO [2003] WATPAT 29 use of a chainsaw refused


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