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The City of Wanneroo Planning Department "COVER UP"
Enforcement of non-approved Policy Document and Flooding

Has the City obeyed the Law and if not, what have they done about it?  All evidence used is listed.
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Images in Evidence
I'll see the pictures later, tell me how they covered it up!

This image shows the difference between the retaining wall height "natural ground level" the City of Wanneroo approved for the developer, Satterleys and the recalculated "natural ground level" enforced on the builder, Ventura Homes.  The original level requested (verbally) by the COW Planning Department was actually another 100mm lower than this.  A revised submission for levels submitted by Ventura Homes was ignored for over three months and never responded to.  Finally the owner was obliged to instruct the builder to commence with these levels to avoid extensive cost blowouts.  Despite the fitting of a standard stormwater sump, the garage is subject to regular flooding in rain as little as 5mm.  The garage has flooded three times in the second driest winter in recorded history.

                                                       First Flooding 21st October 2005                                                         Flooding 7th June 2012 with only 5mm of rain - Worst Flooding 3rd September 2012

First Flooding 21st October 2005                                                       Latest Flooding 7th June 2012 with only 5mm of rain

Difference between Ground Level approved for Developer and Ground Level calculated for Builder - Who came up with this idea?
Was it people with Diplomas in Planning and qualifications in Surveying and high level maths? - You decide!

Now tell me the people who were involved!

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