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Microsoft Flight Simulator Airfields for FS2004 (FS9)
3D models for Western Australia!

You wont find high detail but a good representation 0f the airfield from the air and a realistic frame rate that will make your flying a pleasure. You will find start points and made up ICAO if none exist. My buildings are generic as long as I can get away with it otherwise, I build a model. You need to download no other libraries except mine however I use KB Static Aircraft occasionally. Ground textures are blended to FSX default colours unless otherwise stated.

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Arubiddy is a sheep station on the edge of the Nullarbor Plain.

YADL Adele Island - dirt strip

Complete island replacement A barren limestone shelf north of One Arm Point and Derby on the flight path to nowhere.

YAHD Ashburton Downs Homestead
YADH Ashburton Downs HS - old

Childhood home of Lang Hancock who discovered iron ore in WA

YANN Annean Station

Annean station, was established by the Cruikshank brothers in 1882

YAPA Anna Plains (Talgarno RAAF)

The Anna Plains Station is 250 km south of Broome and runs for over 100 km along 80-mile Beach

YBAL Balladonia Roadhouse

Fuel/Motel stop on the Nullarbor Plain Road

YBGB Beagle Bay Community

The Beagle Bay Aboriginal community is located on the west coast of the Dampier Peninsula around 120 kilometres north of Broome.

YBIU Ballidu town

Run by Dunn Aviation and home for their Air Tractor and Dromadaire fleet.

YBJW Banjawarn Station

North east of Perth, on the edge of the Great Victoria Desert.

YBLV Perth - Belvoir (private HLA)

Belvoir Amphitheatre and Function Centre

YBOO Bindoon Catholic Ag. College

Private airstrip used by the Super Light Aircraft Club of WA

YBCB Bencubbin town

Townsite and airfield 274 km north east of Perth on the edge of the wheatbelt.

YCES Ceres Fields private farm

Cereal Farm in the WA wheatbelt.  Not to be confused with Ceres Fields near Geelong.  View on Youtube

YCOI Collie - Town strip

Try this with your Dromadaire.

YCHP Perth - Yanchep private

Built by Alan Bond during America's Cup era and now abandoned

YCRW Perth - Crawley (river)

Catalina strips during WW2 for QANTAS and USAF

YCVM Caversham (RAAF closed 1946)

There were never buildings on this site and radio towers are now removed.

YCVS Cervantes beach

247kms north of Perth and gateway to the Coral Coast.

YDON Dowerin town

Home to the Dowerin Field Days held in the last week of August and attract 15,000 visitors each day.

YDRD Drysdale River Station

One of few stopping points on the Perth Darwin Highway.  Drysdale is a family owned and operated million acre working cattle station.

YDVE Dale River (Y Dive?) (closed)

This site is now closed but for all those who remember jumping out of a very good plane and occasionally breaking a few bones, here it is.

YDWG Dwellingup (CALM fire strip)

Fire strip in the southern Perth hills.

YEEB Eneabba town

A sand mining town 278 km north from Perth.

YELE Belele Station

Sheep station originally part owned by Sir Ernest Lee Steere near Meekatharra and on the edge of the Great Victoria Desert.

YFRK Frankland - farm strip

Frankland River Grazing Company, home of Bobtail Ridge Wines, Merino Sheep and Simmental Cattle.

YFRV Oombulgurrie (Forrest River)

Aboriginal community in the eastern Kimberley near Wyndham (now closed).

YGGE Golden Grove Mine

Copper, lead, silver, zinc and gold mine located 52 km south-south-east of Yalgoo.

YGOM Goomalling town

Springlea at Goomalling is a private farm strip.

YHLM Darkan - Hillman Farm Sky Diving

Harrington's farm is the site of a WW2 Air Force Strip.

YJUK Tjukurla Community

Remote airstrip in the Petermann Ranges near the West Australian border.

YKAE Kalanie town

Northern wheatbelt town in Western Australia.

YKNP Kunnunoppin town

Kununoppin was a bare military airstrip during WW2 and is now maintained in a shortened form by the shire of Trayning.

YLEA Leeman beach

Formerley Snag Island, a tiny fishing village north of Perth.

YMBE Mooliabeenie siding

A disused 1500 metre strip used by the USA Army Air Corps during World War II and associated with Caversham Airfield

YMIP Mitchell Plateau

Bare strip north of the homestead is a drop-in point for tourism in the Kimberley region.

YMKB Mukinbudin (Mucka)

Mukinbudin Airstrip is 3k East of Mukinbudin along the Koorda-Southern Cross Road.

YMLD Perth - Maylands (closed 1962)

This historical site was Perth's Main airfield from 1921 until 1963.  The two remaining Hangars and the Maylands Brickworks are heritage listed. This is best flown with a Tailwheel Cessna, Chipmunk, Tiger, Auster or DC3.

YNHM Northam (Army)

Army strip alongside Yonga Hill Detention Camp.

YPLP Perth - Langley Park (bi-annual)

(Includes Red Bull Race Track)

YSEN Serpentine (Ultra Light Club)

Private strip south of Perth.

YTTI Troughton Island

ShoreAir operates Troughton Island airstrip as an alternate to Mungalalu-Truscott.

YWBV West Beverley private

This strip was operated by Stolflyte but may no longer be operational and farm was recently on the market - Land uphill from the north

YWKM Wyalkatchem

Wheatbelt Town 200 kilometres northeast of Perth.

YWNL Wingellina Community

The official name for the Irrunytju Community Airstrip.

YWOH Wongan Hills town

Wheatbelt town east of Perth.

YWRC Hyden - Wave Rock (private)

Wave Rock is a natural rock formation located east of the small town of Hyden in Western Australia.

YWSX Westonia Shire

In Western Australia's wheat belt, 316 kilometres east of Perth

YYRK York - Springett Field town

This town strip is now closed because of proximity to Brooklands.

YYKB York - Brooklands

Sky diving strip north of York.

FS9 Airfields by Derek Froud

I have not been able to contact Derek and have remodeled these.

FS9 Airfields by Dennis Stiglmayer

These airfields have been tweaked by me to remove trees in the strips (if you use VOZ scenery).