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YBCB Bencubbin airfield and townsite

(18th September 2010 - requires models and textures 11th September 2010 or later)

Townsite and airfield located 274 km north east of Perth on the northeastern edge of the wheatbelt, Bencubbin is a typical wheatbelt town with a population of less than 200 people. By the 1840s there were shepherds and sandalwood cutters in the area although there was no permanent settlement until the 1860s. The agricultural potential of the area was recognised in the 1890s but the first permanent settlement in the shire didn't occur until 1908. The Mount Marshall Roads Board was established in 1923. It is said that the town's name comes from the Aboriginal word 'Gnylburngobbing' which is rather amusing as J. S. Roe named the nearby Mount Marshall after an Englishman precisely because he despised Aboriginal names believing them to be unpronouncable.

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