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YFRK Frankland Valley Grazing Company

(15th August 2010 - requires models and textures 15th August 2010 or later)

YFRK Frankland River Grazing Company, home of Bobtail Ridge Wines, Merino Sheep and Simmental Cattle.  "Westfield" Property Strip. Power Lines; Stone Heaps; Stock. Runway Slopes Down To Both Ends.


FRANKLAND RIVER – the Frankland is the largest southerly flowing river in WA, and is some 162km in length from its source to discharge in Nornalup Inlet west of Walpole. Its main tributary is the 96km long Gordon River. The river was sighted by Captain Thomas Bannister in 1831, and was apparently named by Governor James Stirling when Bannister reported its existence to him. A nearby hill had earlier been named Mount Frankland by explorer T B Wilson in 1829, after George Frankland (1979-1875), the then Surveyor General of Tasmania, and this probably influenced the choice of name by Stirling. The Frankland was apparently previously known by sealers as the Deep River.

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