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YHLM Darkan (Hillman Farm)

(11th September 2010 - requires models and textures 11th September 2010 or later)


YHLM Darkan - Harrington's farm is the site of a WW2 Air Force Strip. Most of these strips were built far enough inland to gain altitude before arriving at the coast. In 1972, The Hot Rod Club used the nearby gravel pit as a site for their race track using machinery provided by the West Arthur Shire Council. I drove the road roller for those works. One leg of the strip has been ploughed in but apart from the bitumen surfacing which has worn off, the airstrip is still intact and serviceable.  Back then, t was my job to remove the dead sheep from the runway before Ron Knapp flew in with his locally built Jodel.  He usually treated the crowd at the track to some well placed flour bombs then walked over from the strip.  As he bred Herefords, his aircraft was the "Flying Red Bull" and had a pic of a Poll Hereford on the side long before anybody thought of the drink or the air races.

"Skydive Adventure operates at Hillman Farm Drop Zone, Darkan. W.A.  Hillman Farm Skydivers inc. was established in 1975, and is the longest continuously running Skydiving Club in Western Australia. It is a club run by skydivers for skydivers, which never loses sight of it’s ultimate goal: to encourage as many people as possible to enjoy the exhilarating sport of skydiving.  Use of Drop Zone facilities is FREE for Skydivers and spectators and includes a character Club house with self catering kitchen & barbeque facilities, hot showers, sauna, camping area, bunkroom, bar, and a great spectator area.  We encourage you to stay around and soak up the atmosphere after your jump.  Hillman Farm has a well known reputation for partying. With the friendliest skydivers in W.A. you will feel right at home at Hillman Farm. An excellent destination for a day trip or a thrill seeking weekend away. Come by yourself or bring some friends and share the experience. Non jumping spectators are welcome"


 Darkan Townsite, 7m southwest is the central town in the shire and apart from the wheat bins which were relocated after the railway was removed, has not changed much in the last 40 years. This model includes the townsite.

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