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Alan Blencowe's Microsoft Flight Simulator Airfield Design - 3D FSX models for Western Australia!

Did you get the model & texture library 26th January 2011 or later?

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Uploaded 26th January 2011

This location, last modelled by Derek Froud for FS2002 is a tricky one as there were no detailed images available and the primary image uses a blend of 22 images.  The base from here, runway surface from Beagle Bay, asphalt from Jandacot and grass from Caiguna have been tinted separately.  The contours in FSX were all over the place and had to be modified.  This strip is managed by the Shire of Kojonup and requires permission to land prior to flying in. It is a bare gravel strip but is a good landing surface and has an RFDS Transfer Station and pilot operated lighting.


"Airport - It is a requirement to get permission to land at the Kojonup air strip prior to use. Please contact the Shire on (08)9831 2400 or (08)9831 1252 (a/h).

Operating the radio activated lights

The airstrip lights at this facility are operated by either the pilot, by utilising his or her radio, or by personnel within the facility, utilising the radio within the airstrip building.

Only emergency personnel and Shire of Kojonup staff have access to the facility.  Should you need to gain access to the facility please contact the Shire of Kojonup Chief Executive Officer on 0419 903363 or the Works Manager on 0427 427854.

To activate the lights;

Locate the radio handpiece

Slowly press the "speak button" on the left hand side of the handpiece, three (3) times.  The button should be pressed for approximately two (2) seconds with a two (2) second gap between each press.  i.e press button ... wait 2 seconds ... press button ... wait 2 seconds ... press button.  A voice recording will sound indicated that the lights have been activiated.


The radio within the airstrip building must be on Channel 1.

The lights are on a 30 minute timer and will switch off at the conclusion of this time.  A warning will sound 5 minutes prior to the lights turning off to give the pilot or personnel on the ground time to reactivate the lights."  www.kojonup.wa.gov.au/community_facilities/airport.html

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