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"At the Council meeting held on the 13 July 2009, (Moora Shire) Council passed the following resolution:-

94/09 Moved Cr Pond, seconded Cr Tonkin and Cr Barrett-Lennard that Council:

rescind the resolution 188/08 passed on the 19th November 2008 and

B. adopt the following amended resolution in relation to the use of the Moora Airstrip located on Lots 1216 and 48 Airstrip Road Moora:-

1. Request Surveyor to prepare an easement only deposited plan, and lodge with Landgate.

2. Request Civic Legal to prepare a draft deed of easement containing all the matters required by the parties to give effect to the arrangement.

3. When the deed is finalised, arrange for all parties to sign indicating their consent.

4. The term of the easement is to be for a period of 10 years commencing from 2008-09 financial year, with an option to renew at the expiration of the term.

5. Annual airstrip access payment to be the equivalent of the Shire of Moora Rate assessment for Lots 1216 & 48, Melb Loc. 992, Airstrip Road, Moora with an annual review using the movement in C.P.I. and/ or annual rates as an indicator for airstrip access payment.

6. Council will be responsible for the maintenance and safety requirements for the airstrip.

7. Operation details of the airstrip to be published in the WA Country Airstrip Guide.

8. All costs associated with the preparation of the easement, survey plan and legal costs to be borne by the Shire of Moora.



Messrs Rodda & Co advised that the easement has been drawn up to conform to the recommendations provided in the Civil Aviation Authority Guidelines.

The length of the main runway is suitable for most of the light Aircraft that currently use the airstrip, but on occasions the fence located at the 830m mark has to be opened to cater for larger Aircraft. Council will have to make arrangements with the property owners for this section to be made easier to remove when required.

The Moora State Emergency Service has requested that permission be granted to locate a shed of approximately 5m x 4m near the existing sheds for the storage of emergency lighting etc for emergency use. This would alleviate time wasted collecting the items from the Moora Headquarters when required."

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