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Did you get the model & texture library (date from 23rd July 2010)

YMAU Mount Augustus Station - world's largest monocline

23rd July 2010
Mount Augustus stands 1105 m above sea level, or approximately 860 m above the surrounding plain, and covers an area of 47.95 km2. It has a central ridge which is almost 8 km long, and is the world's largest monocline.  Mt Augustus (Burringurrah) is more than twice the size of Ayres Rock (Uluru). Unlike Ayres Rock, which is a monolith and devoid of plant growth, Mt Augustus is a monoclinal asymmetrical anticline, (source W.A. Department of Environment and Conservation) and has plant growth on it. The climb to the summit can take up to 5 hours (return) and there are two trails (one class 4 and the other a class 5) to get you there. There are a number of walking tracks to explore.  There is a Caravan/RV/camp site at nearby Mt Augustus Station, which also has "Donga" style accommodation and a restaurant which is open in peak tourist season.

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