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YMNW Mount Weld Mine
This has been renamed YGRS Granny Smith Mine and will be replaced at a later date

17th July 2010

Mount Weld is a mine site in Western Australia, located about 30 km south of Laverton and 120 km east of Leonora.  It ranks as one of the richest major rare earth deposits in the world.  In addition to the rare earth oxide deposits, niobium and tantalum deposits are within the Mount Weld carbonatite, an intrusive pipe approximately three km in diameter. Mt Weld Station is located at Laverton, near Kalgoorlie WA. The station was founded in 1904 by JW Bateman of Kalgoolie, the store owner. Horses were brought to the area for stock work and general draughting tasks. Bateman later sold the station to HD Green and Sons, the Harvey Butcher, who then sold in 1973 to John McPherson. John sold the station three years later - and sadly died 3 weeks after selling. He sold it to Lindsay and Shirley Polmear who then sold to Barrick Gold mining company. The horses from Mt Weld being used in the Military. The heritage horses from Mt Weld had to be removed due to the traffic danger they were posing to mine and personnel traffic. Barrick Gold chose to allow the horses to be removed humanely rather than simply employing shooters.  The horses appear to have old bloodline Thoroughbred, pony, Clydesdale, and possibly some Arab and Percheron in some of them. Mainly blacks, bays and browns. 14 – 15.2hh general height range.

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