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Did you get the model & texture library on or after 22 Jul 2010

YNHM Northam Army Base (Heritage Listed)

19 March 2011 - new ground textures and comp;ete rebuild

27th June 2010 - fences upgraded 22 Jul 2010 requires textures on or after 22 Jul 2010

The towers in this image are part of the towers of the Nullarbor set.


Northam Army Camp is valued by various groups which have been associated with and/or occupied the camp since the 1930s, including the 10th Light Horse, the 2nd AIF and Citizens Military Forces, and Italian POWs during World War Two. The place is highly valued by the approximately 15,000 immigrants who were initially accommodated in the Reception and Training Centre before moving to different areas in Western Australia. As a result, its historic associations contribute to a number of different ethnic communities’ sense of place and identity. It is regarded by the local community because of its associations as a military facility, a Prisoner of War camp and a camp for new immigrants. The camp has historic associations with the Northam community itself, which has long used the camp as a training and recreational centre. It contributes to Northam’s sense of place in that it greatly influenced the development of the town, due to the large influx of soldiers during World War Two. Following the war, the even greater impact of thousands of immigrants helped boost the town’s economy and gave it multicultural diversity. (Heritage Council of WA)


The base is currently very controversial as it is being prepared to house 1500 boat people from Christmas island who have entered Australia illegally.  The Premier suggested it for families but the Federal Government are preparing it for single men.

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