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Uploaded 8th February 2011 - Updated with ORBX textures 16th January 2013


The town of Pannawonica is an iron-ore mining town located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, near the Robe River, about 200 km south-west from Karratha. In 2006, it reportedly had the highest median weekly income of any town in Australia, due to the high income of its mine workers.  Pannawonica was built in 1970 by Cleveland-Cliffs Robe River Iron (predecessor of the present Robe River Iron Associates) and was gazetted as a townsite in 1972. 

The township’s name was derived from nearby Pannawonica Hill, named by a surveyor in 1885 after the corresponding Aboriginal placename which is said to mean "the hill that came from the sea". The traditional legend is that two local Aboriginal tribes were arguing over the ownership of the hill which was located by the sea. The sea spirit decided to resolve the dispute by moving the hill inland. As the hill was dragged over the land it left a deep indentation which became the Robe River.

Pannawonica is one of a number of remote-area iron-ore-mining towns built throughout the Pilbara to house workers operating open-cut mines and the loading of ore trains. It is a 'closed town', having limited facilities for visitors, the company's accommodation being reserved for its staff and visiting contractors. Some visitor accommodation is available at the Pannawonica Tavern. Pannawonica is home to more than 800 people, comprising Robe and Pilbara Iron employee families, staff on fly-in fly-out (‘fifo’) roster from Perth, and those involved in support services. It is accessible by road, rail and light aircraft.

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