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Alan Blencowe's Microsoft Flight Simulator Airfield Design - 3D FSX models for Western Australia!

Did you get the model & texture library (any date from 23rd May 2010)

YSEN Serpentine - Sport Aircraft Builders Club

Uploaded 23rd May 2010

SABC is based at Serpentine Airfield, Western Australia; which was constructed and is maintained by club members, who build and fly their own aircraft.

The Sport Aircraft Builders Club was formed in 1973 by a group of people interested in aviation and aircraft building. Through the efforts of all the members through the years, they have a facility second to none at Serpentine Airfield, where members can build their aircraft, hangar their aircraft, fly their aircraft, and join in the many social events (flying and non flying) that helps to make a club www.sabc.org.au/All/History/HistoryMain.html

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