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YTTI Troughton Island

(10th July 2010 - requires models and textures this date or later)

ShoreAir operates Troughton Island airstrip as an alternate to Mungalalu-Truscott.  It has a 980m x 30m unsealed runway.  Troughton Island sits 6 metres above sea level on a natural reef. Troughton is managed by two people who spend one month at a time on the island. During that time they are almost completely isolated from the outside world. Although they are isolated they are not alone; previous occupants of the island brought in quails and children's pythons that were once pets that escaped their cages during a cyclone. Now there is a healthy population of snakes living off the quails.  Today Troughton Island is maintained as an emergency landing area for aircraft that are unable to reach Truscott. It also serves as a landing area if Truscott is inaccessible due to weather conditions. The Bureau of Meteorology has a weather station on Troughton island.  Mungalalu-Truscott aerodrome supports all the FPSO (floating production storage and offloading facility) operations in the WA and NT waters of the Timor Sea, while the alternate aerodrome at Troughton Island is 20 nautical miles north of the main air route to Timor Sea facilities.

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