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Did you get the model & texture library 24th January 2011 or later?

YWGM White Gum Farm

 Uploaded 24th January 2011

Situated in the Needling Hills, approximately 120Km's from Perth East of York, White Gum farm was originally used for general farming and has also been active in outdoor tourist adventures and Farm stay accommodation. From August 2006 White Gum Farm Aviation with close links to SKY SPORTS has now formed W.A's nicest Recreational aviation training facility. White Gum Farm Aviation now boasts one of the most up to date Microlighting and Ultralighting training facilities in the West.

White Gum Farm peaks at 380 meters above sea level. The Needling hills or (Neetling old name) comes from the Aboriginal meaning "The place of the wild dogs". The direct area is known as GreenHills which has a very interesting history and now boasts the fully restored GreenHills Inn and function centre only 10 minutes from the Farm and the very new Kauring Deli, where all type of fresh produce and meals can be purchased.

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