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Download - YWWI Woodie Woodie Manganese Mine

  Uploaded - 7 August 2011

Pilbara Manganese, a wholly owned subsidiary of Consolidated Minerals (Consmin), operates the Woodie Woodie mine, which produces high-grade manganese ore of superior quality. The ore is sold to the international steel industry.  Production in 2010 was 1,238,000t @ 46.2% Mn, with a capacity of 2.5mtpa of high grade lump and fines.  The high-grade lump produced by the mine is an ideal blending material with high manganese and is very low in phosphorus. Furthermore, the lump is hard, has very low degradation and high thermal stability.  The mine has a 100.5km2 mining corridor and approximately 5,500km2 of greenfield areas outside this corridor. Multiple open pits are in operation and owner mining of ore is used to promote selectivity and to minimise dilution. The mine also employs contract mining of waste to promote efficient bulk mining practices. The mineral processing techniques include crushing, screening and heavy media separation.

Woodie Woodie has a new camp and an all-weather air-strip constructed in 2009, suitable for large aircraft. Ore is trucked to Port Hedland for shipment. Consmin has committed in excess of A$34 million to exploration in 2011, with the intention to explore more than 60 corridor targets and more than 130 regional targets from nine prospect areas.  www.consminerals.com.au/m/files/fs/woodie-woodie-fact-sheet.pdf

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