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You wont find high detail but a good representation 0f the airfield from the air and a realistic frame rate that will make your flying a pleasure. You will find start points and made up ICAO if none exist. My buildings are generic as long as I can get away with it otherwise, I build a model. You need to download no other libraries except mine however I use KB Static Aircraft occasionally. Ground textures are blended to FSX default colours unless otherwise stated.

Hillman Farm YHLM (Darkan)

 Uploaded 11th September 2010 - Harrington's farm is the site of a WW2 Air Force Strip and the old West Arthur Motor Sports Club. Most of these strips were built far enough inland to gain altitude before arriving at the coast.

Mukinbudin YMKB (Mucka)

Uploaded 24th August 2010, updated 25th August 2010 (cemetery fence added).  Power lines on approach to Runway 16 (not in model). The Mukinbudin Airstrip is located approximately 3 kilometres East of Mukinbudin along the Koorda-Southern Cross Road.

Frankland YFRK

Uploaded 15th August 2010 - Frankland River Grazing Company, home of Bobtail Ridge Wines, Merino Sheep and Simmental Cattle. "Westfield" Property Strip. Power Lines; Stone Heaps; Stock. Runway Slopes Down To Both Ends.

Hyden Wave Rock YWRC

Uploaded 15th August 2010 - Wave Rock is a natural rock formation located east of the small town of Hyden in Western Australia.

Westonia Shire YWSX

Uploaded 14th August 2010 - Edna May Gold Mine.  Tidy Town for 2009, is located in Western Australia's wheat belt, 316 kilometres east of Perth, 306 kilometres west of Kalgoorlie and 55 kilometres east of Merredin.

Golden Grove Gold Mine YGGE

Uploaded 31st July 2010 - The Golden Grove Mine is a copper, lead, silver, zinc and gold mine located 52 km south-south-east of Yalgoo, Western Australia.

Belele Station YELE

Uploaded 26th July 2010 - Remote sheep station originally part owned by Sir Ernest Lee Steere near Meekatharra and on the edge of the Great Victoria Desert having no permanent water holes. (The lake only holds water all year in FSX).

Banjawarn Station YBJW

Uploaded 25th July 2010 - Banjawarn Station is a sheep station 800 km NE of Perth on the edge of the Great Victoria Desert. In the 1990’s it was owned by the Aum Shinrikyo and following the Tokyo subway attack was the subject of an Australian Federal Police investigation.

Mount Augustus Station YMAU

Uploaded 23rd July 2010 - Mount Augustus (Burringurrah) is more than twice the size of Ayre's Rock (Uluru) and id the world's largest monocline.

Mount Weld YMNW

Uploaded 17th July 2010 - This mine site in Western Australia is located about 30 km south of Laverton and 120 km east of Leonora. It ranks as one of the richest major rare earth deposits in the world.

Ashburton Downs YAHD (includes old YADH)

 Uploaded 17th July 2010 - Ashburton Downs Station was the childhood home of the former mining magnate Lang Hancock who discovered iron ore in Western Australia.

Balgair Station YBGI

 Uploaded 17th July 2010 - This sheep station is 420km East of Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.

Arubiddy Station YADD

Uploaded 16th July 2010 - Arubiddy is a very well improved 314,394 hectare property on the edge of the Nullarbor Plain with a history of quality production and this area was first opened up in 1961.

Anna Plains Station YAPA (Talgarno)

Uploaded 15th July 2010 - The Anna Plains Station, 250 km south of Broome runs for over 100 km along 80-mile Beach and is the site of the Talgarno Military Base during the operational days of Woomera firing range.

Beagle Bay Community YBGB

Uploaded 12 July 2010 - The Beagle Bay Aboriginal community is located on the west coast of the Dampier Peninsula around 120 kilometres north of Broome. The community first started as a Catholic mission around 1890 but is traditionally home to the Nyul Nyul people.

Troughton Island YTTI

Uploaded 10th July 2010 - ShoreAir operates Troughton Island airstrip as an alternate to Mungalalu-Truscott. Its 980m x 30m unsealed runway sits 6 metres above sea level on a natural reef. Troughton is managed by two people who spend one month at a time on the island.

Beverley West YWBV

Uploaded 29th June 2010 - This strip was operated by Stolflyte but may no longer be operational.  Land uphill from the north.

York Springbett YYRK (closed)

 Uploaded 30th June 2010 - Shire of York strip now closed due to proximity to Brooklands and to support Regional Airport funding for the sealing of the two runways at Brooklands Airfield (Skydive Express).

Murray Field YMUL

 Uploaded 10th June 2010 - Owned by the RACWA and the real field has one gravel strip and one asphalt so the default doesn't really do it justice.  Of course the new Bunbury Highway has to go in as well. All circuits to the south because of the kennel zone.

Wingellina YWNL

Uploaded 6 May 2010 - Wingellina is very close to the Northern Territory and Western Australian border and this is the official name for the Irrunytju Community Airstrip. It is located directly north of the Irrunytju Community