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You wont find high detail but a good representation 0f the airfield from the air and a realistic frame rate that will make your flying a pleasure. You will find start points and made up ICAO if none exist. My buildings are generic as long as I can get away with it otherwise, I build a model. You need to download no other libraries except mine however I use KB Static Aircraft occasionally. Ground textures are blended to FSX default colours unless otherwise stated.

Aviation Hazards - Towers of the Nullarbor

Version 2 - 19th March 2011 - Highly detailed models for those flying light aircraft along the Nullarbor road between Perth and Adelaide.

Norseman YNSM

Uploaded 17th March 2011 - The town named after the horse that kicked up the first gold nugget, The default airstrip is in the middle of a lake but does not properly represent the dry lake bed.

Albion Downs Station YABS

Uploaded 16th March 2011 - Albion Downs is a remote sheep station in the Shire of Wiluna in outback Western Australia.

Mullewa YMWA

Uploaded 13th March 2011 - Mullewa is a town in the Mid West region of Western Australia, 450 kilometres (280 mi) north of Perth and 98 kilometres (61 mi) east northeast of Geraldton. The strip is 4NM north of the townsite.

Moora YMWA

Uploaded 27th January 2011 - In July 2009, a removable fence was added at the 850m mark to allow larger craft to land in emergencies.

Kojonup YKOJ

Uploaded 26th January 2011 - This location, last modelled by Derek Froud for FS2002 is a tricky one as there were no detailed images available and the primary image uses a blend of 22 images.

White Gum Farm YWGM

Uploaded 24th January 2011 - Situated in the Needling Hills, approximately 120Km's from Perth East of York, White Gum farm was originally used for general farming and has also been active in outdoor tourist adventures and Farm stay accommodation.

Goomalling (Springlea) YGOM

Uploaded 25th December 2010 - Springlea at Goomalling is a private farm strip so FSX landings only unless you have permission.

Ceres Fields Station YCE2

Uploaded 24th December 2010 - How this 3,500 hectare farm ended up with the same name and ICAO code as the field in Victoria is not known but the owner of the strip claims he still holds current registration papers for YCES.

Wyalkatchem YWKM

 Uploaded 23th December 2010 - Wyalkatchem is at the centre of Western Australia's wheat belt, about 200 kilometres northeast of Perth. The raw freshly graded surface and new strip (2009) has been recently upgraded under Regional Airports Development Scheme.

Ballidu YBIU

 Uploaded 19th November 2010 - This airfield is run by Dunn Aviation Air Tractor fleet. (My first aircraft model). It has a windsock and hangar but little else. Ballidu is a town located in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia, about 217 kilometres (135 mi) north of Perth.

Kalannie YKAE

Uploaded 10th November 2010 - About 300km north-east of Perth, Kalannie lies in some of the best wildflower country in Australia and at the heart of WA’s largest wheat producing area. The district also claims more species of wattle (acacias) than anywhere else in the world.

Cervantes YCVS

Uploaded 7th November 2010 - Cervantes Western Australia is located 247kms north of Perth and is the gateway to Australia's Coral Coast. Established in 1962 and named after an American whaling ship wrecked off the coast in 1844, Cervantes is a small but growing fishing town.

Leeman YLEA

 Uploaded 5th November 2010 - YLEA Leeman - formerley Snag Island a tiny fishing village which is ideal for fishermen and holiday makers eager to get away from the more commercialised centres. The 'Home of Western Australia's Dhufish'.

Eneabba YEEB

Uploaded 3rd November 2010 - Eneabba is a town in heart of wildflower area Located 278 km north from Perth via the Brand Highway, Eneabba is basically a sand mining town surrounded by some of the most extensive and spectacular wild flower displays anywhere in Western Australia.

Wongan Hills YWOH

Uploaded 26th October 2010 - In 2005 the community rebuilt the strip.  120 people spent 1200 truck, loader and labour hours over a hectic community cartage of 9 days duration, moving some 40,000 tonnes of gravel..

Dowerin YDON

 Uploaded 8th October 2010 - Dowerin is home to the Dowerin GWN Field Days, currently a two day annual event (held in the last week of August) showcasing agricultural and associated equipment, as well as providing information and services to people from rural areas.

Kalbarri YKBR

Uploaded 15th Jan 2010 - Updated 17th Jan 2010, 29th Sep 2010, 3rd Oct 2010 - The Kalbarri Airport, 10km east of Kalbarri on the Kalbarri-Ajana Road. It is jointly owned by the Shire of Northampton and the City of Geraldton/Greenough.

Kununoppin YKNP

Uploaded 25th September 2010 - Kununoppin was a bare military airstrip during WW2 and is now maintained in a shortened form by the shire of Trayning. Located between Trayning and Nungarin. Kununoppin, is nestled in a salmon gum woodland.

Bencubbin YBCP

Uploaded 18th September 2010 - Bencubbin, 274km North East of Perth is a typical wheatbelt town with a population of less than 200 people.  It is said that the town's name comes from the Aboriginal word 'Gnylburngobbing'