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You wont find high detail but a good representation 0f the airfield from the air and a realistic frame rate that will make your flying a pleasure. You will find start points and made up ICAO if none exist. My buildings are generic as long as I can get away with it otherwise, I build a model. You need to download no other libraries except mine however I use KB Static Aircraft occasionally. Ground textures are blended to FSX default colours unless otherwise stated.

Bidyadanga YLGB

Uploaded 10th October 2011 - Bidyadanga, the largest aboriginal community in WA has a population of 500 people and is situated 190km south of Broome.

Beagle Bay Pearl Farm YBG1

Uploaded 3rd October 2011 - Pearl production was started here by Steve Arrow in 1982 and in the early days, supplies were brought in by lugger. It appears that the north south strip is no longer in use.  The model includes the buildings on the coast.

Charnley River Station YBYS

Uploaded 2nd October 2011 - Charnley River Station, formerly Beverley Springs, is located off the Gibb River Road, about half way between Bell Gorge and Manning Gorge.

Mount House Station YMHO

Uploaded 1st October 2011- Mount House cattle station is on the banks of Adcock Creek, a tributary of the Fitzroy River.  Cattle were slaughtered besides the Mount House airstrip and air freighted to Perth.

Margaret River Station YMGR

Uploaded - 14th September 2011

Kalumburu YKAL

Uploaded 13th September 2011 - The Kalumburu township is located in the far northern Kimberley and is a modern aboriginal community. 

Mount Holland Mine YMHL

Uploaded 8th September 2011 - This gold mine has been in care and maintenance and is shortly to re-open as a lithium mine.

Reedys Gold Mine YRDY

Uploaded 5th September 2011 - The open cut was closed in 1997 but further exploration drilling is under way. Reedy is an abandoned town in the Murchison region of Western Australia.

Mount Gibson Gold Mine YMGM

Uploaded 4th September 2011 - Mount Gibson Gold Mine is managed by Legend Mining Limited and is currently in care and maintenance.

Tuckabianna Gold Mine YTUC

Uploaded 3rd September 2011 - Project Tuckabianna is currently in advanced discovery stage and is owned by Silver Lake Resources.

Horseshoe Lights Mine

Uploaded 13th August 2011 - The historic Horseshoe Lights gold-copper mine and associated tenements are located approximately 800km north-northeast of Perth and 140km north of Meekatharra.

Narembeen YNRB

 Uploaded 9th August 2011 - The town was built on private land and lots sold off so they could build a pub!

Woody Woody Manganese Mine YWWI

  Uploaded 7 August 2011 - Pilbara Manganese, a wholly owned subsidiary of Consolidated Minerals (Consmin), operates the Woodie Woodie mine, which produces high-grade manganese ore of superior quality. The ore is sold to the international steel industry.

Gidgee Gold Mine YGID

 Uploaded 10th May 2011 - The Gidgee Gold Mine is a gold mine in Western Australia, 82 km north of the town of Sandstone. Its name is derived from the nearby Gidgee Station.

Fortnum Gold Mine YFOR

 Uploaded 8th May 2011 - The mine at Peak Hill in WA has been in care and maintenance since 2007

Rhodes Ridge YRRG

 Uploaded 8th May 2011 - The largest undeveloped phosphates and iron ore tenement inthe pilbara.80 km northwest of Newman

Dalwalinu YDWU Nugadong Airport

Uploaded 8th May 2011 - YDWU Dalwallinu - Nugadong Airport. redeveloped in 2011

Bamboo Creek Gold Mine YBBC

Uploaded 7th May 2011 - Not much really but a sand scrape, windsock and a few cones - and the mine site.