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You wont find high detail but a good representation 0f the airfield from the air and a realistic frame rate that will make your flying a pleasure. You will find start points and made up ICAO if none exist. My buildings are generic as long as I can get away with it otherwise, I build a model. You need to download no other libraries except mine however I use KB Static Aircraft occasionally. Ground textures are blended to FSX default colours unless otherwise stated.

Coondewanna YCWA

Uploaded - 14th August 2011 - Upgraded 25 March 2013  This is a BHP Billiton iron ore camp site and very little information is available about the new Coondewanna strip to the southwest of the camp.

Kellerberrin YKEB

Created 15th April 2010, updated 24th Feb 2013 adding silos and masking the oversize town landclass.  Kellerberrin is a town in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia, 205 kilometres east of Perth on the Great Eastern Highway.

Corunna Downs Station

Uploaded 26th December 2010, revised 23rd February, 2013 with improved textures and models and starts now at homestead strip.

Corunna Downs RAAF

This abandoned strip is heritage listed and included with the model above.  Take off from the homestead and fly west.

Pannawonica YPNW

Default Textures uploaded 8th February 2011 - Updated with ORBX textures 16th January 2013 - The town of Pannawonica is an iron-ore mining town located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, near the Robe River, about 200 km south-west from Karratha.

Pannawonica (ORBX Textures)

This is included in the download above.

Lake Grace YLGC

Uploaded 7th May 2011 - Fix for ORBX missing lakes and alternative tinting 16th January 2013 - The Lake Grace airstrip is an unlicensed gravel airstrip managed by the Shire Council west of the Lake Grace town site.

Useless Loop Salt Mine YUSL

 Uploaded 16th August 2011 - ORBX scenery bgls added 16th January 2013 - Useless Loop is located in the Southern Region of Shark Bay, Western Australia and is a closed company town.

Poona Emerald Mine YPOM (Abandoned)

Uploaded 22nd August 2011 - Upgraded with ORBX bgl file 16th January 2013 - Poona is NW of Cue, Western Australia, near the Weld Range was mined from 1910 and abandoned in 1989.

Marble Bar YMBL

 Uploaded 9th September 2011 - ORBX texture bgl added 16th January 2013 - YMBL Marble Bar Airstrip, managed by the Shire of East Pilbara is situated 218 kilometres southeast of Port Hedland.

Nullagine YNUL

Uploaded 9th September 2011 - ORBX texture bgls added 15th Jan 2013 - Nullagine is an old goldrush town in Western Australia's Pilbara region. It is located on the Nullagine River 296 km south-east of Port Hedland.

Kambalda YKBL

Uploaded 29th January 2011 - upgraded 14th January 2013 - This model is suitable for both ORBX and default FSX textures.  This airstrip built during the nickel boom of the 1970's was bare and abandoned long enough for large trees to grow in the runway. In 2009, the airstrip was graded and resurfaced and is now back in operation.

Plutonic Mine YPLU

Uploaded 13th January 2013 - ORBX photoreal scenery - The The Plutonic Gold Mine is located 82 km east north east of Peak Hill, Western Australia. It is operated by Barrick Gold and located at the Plutonic Well Greenstone Belt.