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Declaration:  Alan Blencowe does not have any financial interests in any payware companies or sites and apart from FSX and FenceBuilderPro, all scenery projects are developed totally free of reliance on payware.  Models created by Alan Blencowe with freeware can be used in freeware projects with permission.


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It seems to me that all the chat sites are talking a language that beginners don't understand or they tell me "delete the nul inf", "flip the file" or "register the BGL".  Why can't they talk in simple English?  This site will be introducing you to your own scenery design.

Alan is a semi retired Manual Arts teacher and started his first primitive modelling for FS2002 coached by Steve James and the late Ian Thatcher.  He prefers modelling to flying but does a bit of both.  He now coaches beginning modellers all over the world and he would love to coach you.  He is happy to supply models and textures for freeware projects to start you on your own model library.



How FSX Works

Before you change anything, you need to know what makes it tick


Upgrading from Microsoft

The simulator you bought is the retail version and you first have to upgrade it and add software that talks to it

Analogue Drive? Clean and defrag monthly!  Digital Drive? Clean but never defrag!


Installing your addon scenery

Downloading and installing scenery is the simplest thing to start with


Installing the Software Development Kit

The retail version you bought has had two upgrades


Installing Terrain Mesh

There are two versions - one for FS9 and one for FSX


FSDeveloper - Simviation - AVSIM - AussieX

If you want to know anything these guys know everything.  Remember scenery you buy is not always better than scenery that is free!


Vital Links - FSUIPC, FSGET and MyFsGoogleEarth

These little but important programmes synchronise your development software to the simulator


SBuilderX (SBX) Scenery Design Tool


Airport Design Editor (ADE) Scenery Design Tool


 Additional Assorted Resources

These resources designed by the sleepless multitude and are mostly freeware.

Runway 12 model editor and additional model libraries - the late Seev Kahn

GIMP photo editing

GMAX modeling programme

Library Creator XML and Model Converter - Arno Gerretson

DXTBMP and Drivers - Martin Wright

Fence Builder Pro - Don Grovestine (payware)


Google Earth airfield locations kmz file (zipped so it won't open when you download) - built and not built





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