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 These links will help you to start

Declaration:  Alan Blencowe does not have any financial interests in any payware companies or sites and apart from FSX and FenceBuilderPro, all scenery projects are developed totally free of reliance on payware.  Models created by Alan Blencowe with freeware can be used in freeware projects with permission.


I would love to help you to start

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Optional - Install the Runway 12 scenery libraries (Free)

This was designed for FS9 but many airfields still use the models so these can be placed in a separate scenery index



13   Install GIMP as an alternative to Photoshop.  (Free)



14   Install GMAX to create your 3D models.  (Free)

Godzone (NZ) has some good tutorials



15   Install Library Creator XML and manual by Arno Gerretson (Free)

 to put your models into a scenery library



16   Install DXTBmp and drivers by Martin Wright as your graphics editor.  (Free)

You use BMP files in GMAX and flip and change them to DDS for the simulator



17   Install Model Converter X 1.1 by Arno Gerretson  (Free) 

to change old API files  to 3DS models which you can import into GMAX


18 Install Fence Builder Pro by Don Grovestine (Payware)

I'm sorry, you know I'm tight but this will cost you about $25 Aust and you must admit it beats the default fences that only work on flat ground.


Here are some Addon style guides and textures for rural fences that I created after a suggestion from Don

This zip contains:
1 AEB_FarmFnce.sty - a five strand barbed wire fence with timber posts - use AEB_farm.dds texture.
2 AEB_PostAndRail.sty - a three rail raw timber fence suitable for sheep yards with an option for a fourth rail in the upper section - use AEB_farm.dds texture.
3 AEB_SafetyFnce.sty - an orange material safety fence for use around construction sites and fences over runways - use AEB_BarrierMesh.dds texture.
4 AEB_StockFnce.sty - a metal fence with rubber screening suitable for portable cattle yards - use AEB_CattleFnce.dds texture.
5 AEB_PicketFnce.sty - a little white picket fence - great for around cottages and cemeteries.




This Excellent little modelling tool is the "FinneyGroundCrosshairs_Plus".  You can slew it as usual or fly it like a Bell Helicopter, view from the cockpit to take screenshots without obstruction and slew to place objects extremely accurately.  In this image of Kalbarri, I will be using it to position my fences right up to the objects.  Just place it in simobjects as you would any other aircraft.
















Google Earth airfield locations

There are about 1300 locations in WA alone so why not try a simple one for yourself?  Email me if you want support to get started.




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