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Declaration:  Alan Blencowe does not have any financial interests in any payware companies or sites and apart from FSX and FenceBuilderPro, all scenery projects are developed totally free of reliance on payware.  Models created by Alan Blencowe with freeware can be used in freeware projects with permission.


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How it all Works

Your flight simulator is like an onion.  It has layers similar to a CAD program.



FSX is basically a sphere of earth and everything including the water is layered over the top.  If you have a programme such as SBuilderX that can exclude all the layers, you can see for yourself.


The default simulator has layers for Terrain, Specific Terrain, Terrain Items, Shorelines, Streams, Roads, Railways, Utilities, Freeway Traffic and Roads, Airport Boundaries, Water Polygons, Parks Polygons, Autogen (buildings & trees) and  Landclass (the type of generic scenery in an area).


You can place scenery in the Addon scenery folder (or any other place you like) and register the location in your FSX scenery Library.  The library sets your priority and items at the top of the Library always cover the others.  You can personalise your simulator by adding scenery, land mesh, aircraft and lots of other things.




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