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Declaration:  Alan Blencowe does not have any financial interests in any payware companies or sites and apart from FSX and FenceBuilderPro, all scenery projects are developed totally free of reliance on payware.  Models created by Alan Blencowe with freeware can be used in freeware projects with permission.


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Buy the Microsoft FSX Deluxe Edition and a good joystick

If you bought the standard version without the software development kit (SDK), you can add FSX Acceleration which also has it but you must have that kit!


Install the joystick and FSX first!

When you install FSX for the first time, you got the original retail warts and all version complete with original glitches.  Try it out now if you like so you can see the changes such as the rocky ridge across the river at Perth, Western Australia.  As Microsoft no longer supports this software, I have provided what I installed because you have to work all the early glitches out of the programme.



Windows 7 already has this but If your computer is older than Windows 7, install dotnetfx.exe and dotNetFx40_Full_setup.exe The scenery programmes don't work without them.


Install the vcredist.exe extractor (originally from Microsoft)



Before you do anything else run Microsoft Update
For Windows 7 type "Windows Update" in the start menu search box



Install the Microsoft FSX Service Pack 1 and FSX service pack 2 in that order - you can also do this from the downloads link in FSX.

If you have FSX Accelleration, install that now as it was created after the service packs - I don't have that one.




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