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Disclaimer: The contents of these pages may well be based on ideas from fact but the effect of my imagination has rendered them largely fiction!  Do not give credibility to the contents.....

unless you have a suspicious mind..... well, do you?

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Norman's Lament


We'll all be ruined cried Norman.

We should go out to war

‘cause the road that goes to Joondalup

is running past my door.


It doesn't really matter

about others near the shore,

we cannot have that plurry road

come past here any more.


It's very nearly finished.

It's almost up the hill.

If it gets up there those Banksia nuts

will make my life a hell.


The traffic lights are useless

and we can't get out of here.

I don't know how I will survive

If I run out of beer


I'll go up to the Council

and I'll get down on my knees.

If I don't forget my P's and Q's

and say my pretty please,


will they pity me and listen?

Do I have an even chance?

Will they wait upon my every word

or lead a merry dance?




Will my neighbourhood be shattered

by the heavy laden roar

of long loads with exhaust brakes

and pedals to the floor?


Will I ever hear the Tch Tch Tch

of Skippy on my grass,

or will that plurry Council

Leave me sitting on my bicycle?

April 2004



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