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Disclaimer: The contents of these pages may well be based on ideas from fact but the effect of my imagination has rendered them largely fiction!  Do not give credibility to the contents.....

unless you have a suspicious mind..... well, do you?

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Laugh at yourself and the world will laugh with you.



Oh Councillor!


Oh Councillor they cry and shout,

I can't find anyone about,

Administration can't come out

I've a problem, please come fix.


He bustles here, he hustles there,

He's called for broken lights and glare,

He hasn't time to pull his hair,

His car is old and falls to bits.


The phone rings late into the night,

He's mending fences, stopping fights,

A busybody who's got no rights,

That everyone can share.


He loves his job all said and done,

When stopped from shopping,

having fun, he stops and chats to every one,

Councillor, are you there?

I'm busy!  Call the Mayor!

 Feb 2002




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