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Ode to Sun Tzu
“Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer”

I’ve been told and so have you that you will be the loser
If you never stop to listen to the word of an old master
Sun Tzu was a wise old man and much respected leader
So if you haven’t taken notice, you might soon rejoin your maker

The message that he gave but not many understand
If you want to watch your enemy, you keep him close at hand
The trouble is that many folk who haven’t really thought
Have tipped them off by silly things, a look or just a word

Your enemies are therefore armed and they begin to plan
They might not even tell you, you thoughtless silly man
They gather up their forces and even call you friend
Your short and rapid march is shortly coming to an end

Your friends are getting worried because there’s very little doubt
The friends you had so many of are quickly running out
“Are we friends or really enemies” they begin to ask
And when they come to ask you, you wear a little mask

I wonder if you’ve thought it through, there’s very little doubt
If you stab them in the back for it, they might just work you out
You no longer are a hero; you’re just a little man
A leader, no, a bully and they start to understand

The other plan is better and this tip I will lend
If you have a could be enemy you turn him to a friend
If you want to make the effort, costs nothing but your “labors”
The saying to consider is: “Good fences make good neighbours”

Alan Blencowe Sept. 2009


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