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Disclaimer: The contents of these pages may well be based on ideas from fact but the effect of my imagination has rendered them largely fiction!  Do not give credibility to the contents.....

unless you have a suspicious mind..... well, do you?

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Did she plan it or did it just happen???  Tracey Roberts was elected Mayor of Wanneroo in 2011.



Tracy Fights On

Tracy was a fighter,
she never knew to beg
she never really fought a war
but pieces she picked up instead.

It wasn't hard to see the truth
and truth it's plain to tell
a diplomat is plain to see
and bound to get on well

So now she's got advancement
and leaderships so new
but walking out on water
is a difficult thing to do

Life was never easy
and never works the same
you never know how it will turn
when you start to play the game

You cannot cross you fingers
you have to know the score
we look to you for guidance
can't tell you any more!

AB 2009



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