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Disclaimer: The contents of these pages may well be based on ideas from fact but the effect of my imagination has rendered them largely fiction!  Do not give credibility to the contents.....

unless you have a suspicious mind..... well, do you?

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Help me, I've lost my marbles!


The Councillor's lost his marbles

so here's a little bag

of tiny shiny round things

presented by a lag*


Was it just a jest he asked

or was it something more?

However it was presented

it looked like grounds for war.


When chucked a hot potato,

there is a simple knack,

you cannot simply juggle it,

you have to throw it back.


The Councillor wasn't daunted

he was very sure.

When it was time for Council

he turned up at the door


And every time she rose to speak

it never seemed to matter

the faintest little rattle

set the gallery to chatter.


So if you think the war was lost

or everything was rosy

the Councillor found his marbles

Who was it?  Don't be nosey!


Lag* = convict imprisoned without trial.

April 2004



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