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Blencowe's all over the world are now researching their  family history.  These pages have been designed to help that research.  As usual they will be subject to change.  Contact me if you have ideas which would improve this research and happy hunting!



Family Tree Index


Folley Family Bible


Six pages of news clippings and notices for families Blencowe, Crofts, Folley,  Humphrys, Isbister, Joseph, Lewis, Logan, Martin, Perry, Powell, Quartermaine and Slipper. - 11MB

Harry Lyall Folley 1886-1967

The truth about why "Advance Australia Fair" could only be a "national song" until the late 1970's.








A Blev of Blencowe's

140 Blencowe Family researchers from all over the world and only 8 to carry on the family name?

Kith and Kin


This is an ancient shareware program but if you have nothing else, you can open the Gedcom files and save them as *.TRE files




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