Down through the ages, Blencowes have popped up in the strangest places and married into powerful families.  Of course like many families there are stories of poverty and hardship but that's another story.  The names listed are drawn from different Blencowe family trees and include husbands and ancestors of Blencowe wives to illustrate the variety and the "stuff" that Blencowes are made of.



Family Tree Index

Knights and warriors, Academic minds, Shepherds and Poets and Thrill Seekers!



William Braose of Glamorgan Castle 1204-1230

Saint Thomas De Cantalupe aft 1210 Bishop of Hereford

Willelmus De Blencow bef1295-aft1314, Priest at Dalston

John De Blencou 1307-1315 Acolyte to the church in Scaleby, Proxy to Bishop of Carlisle,  

Robertum De Blencou -1308 Proxy to act for the Bishop of Carlisle, Priest at Bishop of Carlisle's Palace

Adam De Blencowe, magistrate abt1310-aft1388 Squire to Baron Greystoke

Sir Threkeld of Penrith (T D'Acre) 1387-1456

Sir Nicholas Veteripont, Baron Westmoreland

Lord Clifford (Thomas De Clifford) 1414-1455 died Battle of St Albans

Lord Dudley of Yanwarth (Edmund Sutton) 1425-1483

Thomas Blencowe Granted the demesne and rectoral tithes of the Manor of St Evroul by Henry VIII 1475-1542

Lord Dudley of Yanwarth (Thomas Sutton) 1487-1530

 George Blencowe 1550-1610 MP for Chichester 1603 Grant by letters patent from Queen Elizabeth of the office or place "unius Vibrellator ejusdem Dominie Regine infra Civitatem suam Carliolen" for life.

Rev Sir William Blencowe 1520-1553 Marston St Lawrence (Anglican)

Anthony Blencowe Chancellor of Chichester Cathedral, Provost of Oriel College, Oxford 1540-1618

Sir Henry Blencowe 1562-1635 High Sheriff of Cumberland, Knighted by James 1st on his return from Scotland, found dead on Newbiggin Moor

Rev John Rogers abt1565

Squire John Blencowe Lawyer of the Inner Temple 1575-1643

John Blencowe 1592-1632 Councillor at Law

Sir Christopher Blencowe1598-1669 Knighted by Charles II

Thomas Blencow Fellow of New College, Oxford, (All Saints) ordained 1602-1674

George Blencowe Fellow of New College, Oxford (All Saints) 1604-1645

John Blencowe 1604-1667 Freeman of London

Timothy Blencowe 1611-1669 fought with Charles II in Civil War (Battle of Edgehill)


John Wallis (1616-1703) Father in-Law of Sir John below, was a central player in the scientific revolution of the second half of the seventeenth century. After having made his mark as a cryptographer on the parliamentary side during the Civil Wars, he was elected Savilian professor of geometry in the University of Oxford in 1649, just a matter of weeks after England's short-lived transformation into a republic. Through seminal publications such as De sectionibus conicis and Arithmetica infinitorum he made ground-breaking contributions to the development of modern mathematics, while at the same time he played an important part in the establishment of the Royal Society shortly after the Restoration in 1660. Wallis having been involved in that institution from its earliest beginnings in the 1640s gives his accounts of its history in his Pro vita sua and Defence of the Royal Society unparalleled historical significance.


Sir John Blencowe 1642-1726 Sgt at Law, Baron of Exchequer, Judge of Old Bailey, MP for Brackley

Christopher Blencowe JP for Carlise & Gaol Supervisor 1643-1678

Colonel Thomas Robinson -1643 Barrister killed in active duty Leeds

John Blencowe called to bar, retired early with ill health 1676-1740

Sir Edmund Probyn of Newlands abt 1679

Henry Blencowe JP 1676-1721 Councillor at Law, High Sheriff of Cumberland, Captain of the Northern Army of George of Hanover

Thomas Blencowe 1681-1765 Appointed to Bench of Inner Temple


William (The Decipherer) Blencowe Fellow of All Souls College, code breaker to Queen Anne, Circuit Judge 1682-1712


Sir Edmund Probyn abt1685

Christopher Blencowe Deputy Lt Tower Hamlets, Chief Steward Court of Records 1703-1726

Rev Tobias Croft abt. 1707 Vicar of Kirby Lonsdale

Rev Samuel Jackson 1709-1792 Vicar of Allesley

Rev Thomas Bree M.A. abt. 1717

Squire John Blencowe 1720-1777 Lawyer

Rev George Blencowe 1737-1764 D. Windward Islands

Rev. Thomas Biker Sr

Joseph Blain M.D. of Carlisle abt 1740

Rev Sir Henry Poole 1744-1821 Baronet of The Hooke

Rev Thomas BikerJr, Vicar of Culworth

1st Earl of Kilmorey (Needham) Battle of Bunker Hill 1775

General George Powell Higgenson abt1780 Grenadier Guards, Battle of Corunna

Squire John Jackson Blencowe, Rugby School, High Sheriff, Northamptonshire 1780-1827

Rev Thomas Blencowe 1782-1840 Vicar of Marston

Rev James Blencowe 1785-1862

Rev John Prowett abt1780 Rector of Catfield

Rev Charles Prowett Abt1790 Rector of Staplefield

Rev Francis Gottwaltz BA MA 1792-1830 Vicar of Coughton

Rev Charles Blencowe 1793-1875

Sir George Robinson abt1800 7th Baronet of Cranford

Robert Blencowe Inner Temple London 1801-1867

Rev William Multon Blencowe 1804-1841 Rector of Shawell

Rev Edward Blencowe 1805-1843

Rev Edward Everard Blencowe 1806-1895 Rector of West Walton, Norfolk

Lt Edward Willis Blencowe 1809-1883

Squire John Jackson Blencowe JP 1810-1857

Colonel Rochfort abt 1810

John George Blencowe, M.A. JP for Sussex 1815-1900


Sir Graham Berry KCMG 1822-1904 Premier of Victoria, Legion of Honour, Order of Crown of Italy

Major General Henry Hepburn 1822-1888

Rev Francis Hepburn 1825-1895

General Sir George Wentworth Alexander Higgenson GCB 1826-1927 Grenadier Guards "Father of the Brigade of Guards"

Lt John Francis Gottwaltz 1830- graduated Eton aged 19, Sussex Volunteers

Henry Blinco 1832-1907 HM96th Regiment, Head Warder, Fremantle Prison WA, killed by escapee axe murderer in his home

Sir John Boyd abt. 1840 Lord Provost of Edinburgh

James Everard abt1840 Royal Navy (drowned)

Squire Rev John Alexander Blencowe JP 1846-1916

Squire Rev Charles Edward Blencowe 1847-1929

Rev Alfred James Blencow 1848-1928 Marston St Lawrence

Thomas Blinks (Artist to Edward VII ) 1853 - 1910

Constable Earnest W Blencowe (also NSW Cavalry) 1868-1895 thrown from a horse on patrol in Perth WA



Rev Capt. Arthur Hamilton Boyd OBE MC TD 1869-1955 Chaplain Royal Cancer Hospital (image courtesy Alison Botterill)

James Oxlade 1870-aft1914 Royal Flying Corps

William John Blincoe 1876-1914 killed in action

William Edward Walley Blencowe 1878-1914 killed in action

Ernest Cecil BlencoweActive 1880-1916 killed in action

Rev John Henry Gottwaltz BA MA abt1880-1939 Rector of Thurning

Lt Colonel Arthur John Walcot Blencowe Cmdr 20th Lancashire Fusiliers 1880-1940

Arthur William Blencowe Boer War 1885-

Alfred Blencowe 1886-1916 killed in action

Rev John Walcot Blencowe 1886-1964

Edwin Blinco 1886- 8th Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry

Harry Lyall Folley author 1886-1967 "Australia's National Anthem"

Alexander Howard Blencowe 1887-1916 killed in action

Squire 2nd Lt Lawrence Cave Blencowe 1888-1917 killed in action

2nd Lt. Edwin (Ted) Powell Folley 1888-1918 Died Mont St Quentin

William James Blencowe 1888-1951 gassed in France

Charles Edward Blencowe 1889-1918 killed in action

Sydney Blincoe 1889-1920 wounded in action

Brigadier John Arthur Tillard 1889-1975


Thomas William Blencowe 1893-1971 wounded RA Artillery/Signals 1914 AIF signals 1939


Lt. Francis William Gunn RANR(S) 1895-1987

Tull William (Brother of Florence Rosetta Tull (above)

Frederick William Blencowe WW1 1894-1960

"Sgt William Robinson Clarke was the first (possibly the only) black West Indian to serve as a pilot in the RFC. Born in 1895 he came to the UK from Jamaica to enlist in the RFC as an air mechanic. After service in France as a driver with a kite balloon unit, he was accepted for pilot training and eventually flew RE8s with No 4 Sqn. On 28 July 1917 he was wounded, and rendered unconscious, in combat with five German fighters. His observer, 2/Lt F P Blencowe, managed to gain control of the aircraft and pull off a forced landing, in which he too was injured, on the right side of the lines"

George Harry Blinko 1894-1969 8th Oxon & Bucks Light Infantry 1914/1918 France, 1918-1920 Balkans

2nd Lieut. F.P. Blencowe, (observer) S. Staff. R., attd. R.F.C. No. 4 Squadron (discharged medically unfit) b. abt. 1895

Francis William Blencowe -1914 killed in action

Esther Maria Blencowe Munitions worker 1901- 21 Sep 1940 killed in active duty

Colour Sgt James Blencowe Royal Artillery, Tower of London,  Devonshire Regiment 1904-1987

Albert Frank Blencowe WW2 1908-1996

Leonard Frederick Rixon 1913-1943 killed in action Tunisia


Milton Isbister 1913 - 2004 - President Royal Agricultural society Perth W.A.


William Thomas Blencowe 1918- Aircraft Fitter, North Africa (Boilermaker)


Blencowe Herbert John aft 1918, (brother to William Thomas above)

John Travers Folley 1920- AIF Intellegence

Maurice George Blencowe 1923-1942 killed in action New Guinea

Theodore George Henry Blinko 1923-1984 21st Independent Parachute Regiment in Norway, Italy, Holland & Germany

Major General Phillip Blencowe Tillard 1928-1994

Colonel Leonard John Blencowe 1942-

Andrew Blencowe Royal Engineers, Boznia, Belize, Afghanistan

Rev Peter Harvey Blencowe 1946- Baptist Missionary to Bangla Desh, Pastor NSW

Dr Brian Warren Logan 1931-2008 Oceanographer, discovered & observed the worlds first living Stromatolites at Shark Bay



Councillor Alan Blencowe 1951- (City of Wanneroo Councillor 1999 to 2012)



Miles Blencowe Associate Professor, Dartmouth College (Quantum Physics/Nano Technology)


Alan Blencowe Racing (another Alan)


Craig Milton Blencowe - WA State Sports car Champion 1982 - Chuting Stars Skydiving Team

Tanya Blencowe, Representative, Australian Olympic Committee

Reverend Tim Blencowe, Part time Chair of Homiletics, Morling College, NSW

Manisha Blencowe, Commercial Litigator, Slater & Gordon, Melbourne

Dr Anton Blencowe, Research Fellow, Melbourne School of Engineering, University of Melbourne

Elizabeth Blencowe, 1961- Australian Sprint canoer

Arlene Blencowe, Amateur Boxer, Taree, NSW


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