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Down through the ages, Blencowes have popped up in the strangest places and married into powerful families.  Of course like many families there are legends that can never be verified.  The contents of this page may just be wishful thinking over the centuries and lost in the mists of time.



Family Tree Index


Myths, legends and blind faith!



The Fins

King Fornjotur Kvenland b. 160 Finland, d. 250 Finland

King Kari Fornjotur Kvenland b. 185 Finland, d. 209 Finland

King Frosti Karasson Kvenland b. 210 Finland, d. 239 Finland

King Jokull Frostasson Kvenland b. 240 Finland, d. 274 Finland


The Norsemen

Snaer Jokulsson Kvenland b. 275 Finland, d. 301 Raumsdal, Norway

Thorri Snaersson Kvenland b. 320 Raumsdal, Norway, d. 344 Raumsdal, Norway

Gorr Thorasson Kvenland b. 365 Raumsdal, Norway, d. 418 Raumsdal, Norway

Heytir Gorrsson Kvenland b. 425 Raumsdal, Norway, d. 499 Raumsdal, Norway

Svidri Heytsson Kvenland b. 600 Raumsdal, Norway, d. 649 Norway

Sveidi Svidrasson Kvenland b. 650 Raumsdal, Norway, d. 699 Raumsdal, Norway

Halfdan Sveidasson Kvenland b. 700 Oppland, Norway, d. 749 Oppland, Norway

Ivar Halfdansson Kvenland b. 770 Oppland, Norway, d. 824 Oppland, Norway

Eystein Glumra Ivarsson b. 800 Maer, Nord, Norway, d. 846 Maer, Nord, Norway

Rognvald I. Eysteinsson b. 830 Maer, Nord, Norway, d. 890 Orkney Islands, Scotland --> direct line --> Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland

Count Rollo "The Dane" Rognvaldsson 846 AD Maer, Nord-Trondelag, Norway


The Normans

Duke Guillaume I "Long Sword" de Normandie Abt. 900 AD Normandy, France

Duke Richard I de Normandie 28 Aug 933 AD

Duke Richard II de Normandie Abt. 963 AD Normandy, France

Duke Robert I de Normandie Abt. 1003

Guillaume "Le Conquerer" de Normandie Abt. 1025 Normandy, France


The Cliffords

Richard Fitzpons Abt. 1079 Lahnyndhry Castle, Wales

Walter de Clifford 1113 Clifford Castle, Herefordshire, England

Walter de Clifford Abt. 1150 Clifford Castle, Herefordshire, England

Roger de Clifford Abt. 1189 Clifford Castle, Herefordshire, England

Roger de Clifford Abt. 1231 Tenbury, Worcestershire, England

Roger de Clifford Abt. 1243 Clifford Castle, Herefordshire, England (12 year old father???)

1st Baron Robert de Clifford 01 Apr 1274 Clifford Castle, Herefordshire, England

3rd Baron Robert de Clifford 05 Nov 1305

Roger de Clifford 10 Jul 1333

Thomas de Clifford Abt. 1363 Brough Castle,Westmoreland

John de Clifford Abt. 1388 Appleby, Westmoreland, England

Thomas de Clifford 25 Mar 1414 Brough Castle,Westmoreland

Matilda de Clifford Abt. 1442 Connisborough, Yorkshire (married Thomas Sutton (Dudley))


The Suttons

Thomas SUTTON Esq Abt. 1457 Yeyton, Cheshire, England

Winifred DUDLEY 1525 Yeanwarth, Westmoreland, England (married Anthony Blencowe)



I    The Blencowes




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Adam de Blencowe Abt. 1310 Blencow, Cumbria ----->

Thomas de Blencowe Abt. 1323 Blencow, Cumbria

William de Blencowe Abt. 1333 Blencow, Cumbria

Richard de Blencowe Abt. 1385 Blencow, Cumbria

Christopher de Blencowe Abt. 1420

Richard Blencowe Abt. 1450

Anthony Blencowe 1506

father of Thomas and John)

John de Blencowe Abt. 1324 Blencow, Cumbria (still there 1412)

(Is this John Fitz Adam de Blencowe co. Cumberland temp Richard II - Burke's Armory?)

(Probably another generation)

John de Blencowe Bef. 1436 Blencow, Cumbria

Thomas Blencowe Abt. 1460 Marston Saint Laurence

Thomas Blencowe Abt. 1475 Marston St Lawrence

John Blencowe 1510 Marston St Lawrence

John Blencowe 12 Apr 1553 Marston St Lawrence, Northamptonshire

John Blincowe 1575 Marston St Lawrence, Northamptonshire

John Blencowe 1604 Marston St Lawrence, Northamptonshire

Francis Blincoe 1639 Purston (2m from Marston)

(Linked approximately here by DNA)

William Blincow Abt. 1702 Launton, Oxfordshire, England

William Blencowe 24 Aug 1735 Launton, Bicester, Oxfordshire

Thomas Blencowe Bef. 12 Jul 1761 Bicester, Oxfordshire

James Blinco Bef. 10 Jan 1790 Bicester, Oxfordshire

Thomas Blencowe 18 Aug 1827 Market End, Bicester, Oxfordshire

Thomas William Blencowe 03 Jan 1857 1 Backway, Market End, Bicester

Thomas William Blencowe 22 Jun 1893 Greenwich, London

Stanley Blencowe Living Northcliffe, Western Australia

Alan Edwin Blencowe Living Perth, Western Australia



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