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Composed by Harry Lyall Folley (1886-1967) just prior to World War Two is an indication of the patriotism of Australians at the time and the sense of urgency that we needed something special in a time of threat and uncertainty but the royalist references would not be considered politically correct now.  This composition was acknowledged by King George VI, The Governor General of Australia and Prime Minister John Curtin.  (news clipping below)


Prime Minister Gough Witlam declared "Advance Australia Fair" (1878) to be Australia's national song 1n 1974 when a national poll revealed 51.4% preferred it but he was unable to call it our anthem because the name was held in copywrite.  After Harry's death, The "Australian National Anthem and Flag Quests Committee" approached his wife, Hilda May Folley (1894-1981) who was in early stages of senile dementia and who released the copyright, therefore releasing the title.  Even then, there was no immediate decision and it was not until the 19th of April, 1984 that Advance Australia Fair was declared Australia's National Anthem by the Governor General, Sir Ninian Stephen.  National Archives of Australia information sheets


Harry, (my grandfather) also published two short books of poetry, Secrets of Silence First Edition 1921 and Uncle Roger and other Poems c1946.  All three documents are in the National Library of Australia.


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